La Trobe Student Association Announcement

La Trobe Student Association Ltd. (LTSA) is excited to announce that in a year marked by so many challenges, we have endured and overcome much adversity and collaboratively created a strong and united student association for every enrolled student at La Trobe University

Lat Trobe Student Association Bursary scholarship information

The Bursaries are awarded to support undergraduate and graduate students who contribute to the LTSA and the campus at Bendigo.

Student Charter of Rights and Responsibilities

We believe that education is a right not a privilege. Education has social, personal, cultural and economic objectives and values, and the students at La Trobe University are equal partners in their education. La Trobe students and the University acknowledge and respect the reciprocity of their respective rights and obligations.

Recognition of Student Organisations Policy

This Policy provides for the recognition of student organisations by the University and establishes core principles for University recognition of student organisations.