Food Relief Program

Did you know that LTSA can help with food staples for students who need a bit of a hand? We are proud to work with a range of charities and not for profits to provide food relief to enrolled La Trobe University students.

Bundoora Campus

On the Bundoora Campus students can access a range of food relief staples and pre-prepared meals. This service is provided by Two Birds, One Scone an organisation established by La Trobe University’s Law/Finance student Melissa Lee. You can access food relief from 3pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday at 113 Agora East, Bundoora Campus. You can find out more information about Two Birds One Scone here. There are other organisations providing food relief that Bundoora students can benefit from. For more information about these, please contact us by email or phone 03 9479 6503.

Mildura Campus

Mildura’s Student’s Kitchen Pantry offer small pantry items and fresh food for lunch and snacks during the day. Larger food relief packages are also available for students. These contain a range of basic non-perishables and are available in single size and family size boxes. LTSA Mildura Campus has paired up with Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council Inc (SMECC) & New Life Christian Church (NLCC) Community Food Relief Services to offer this service for enrolled Mildura Students. For more information about SMECC click here and for more about NLCC, click here. This service is available by appointment at the LTSA office. If you require more information, please contact Kylie Thornton by email Kylie is our Student Support and Engagement Officer on the Mildura Campus.

Wodonga Campus

Feed me Kits have changed due to the current Covid situation.  Additional help is available - please contact Carli Spence on  or (02) 6024 9709

Food Relief for Albury Wodonga Campus is partnered with Albury Wodonga Foodshare.

The LTSA walk-in pantry is located in the LTSA office (AW4 116). Non-perishable items such as pasta, canned goods, meal prep sauces and snack foods etc. are available. There are also some freezer items such as ready-made meals, but you’ll need to ask a staff member for access to them. The contents of the pantry vary each week, but it is free for all AW students we just ask that you only take what you need.  Please note: COVID Safe rules apply when accessing the pantry, and check-in is required.

LTSA Staples Kits contain dry goods, such as pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, snack foods etc. and are available from the LTSA office during semester time.

Maximum limits apply, 2 kits per month, per student. If you need assistance beyond this, that’s okay, additional support is available.

If you have any questions or queries about the contents of your kit please contact Carli at or (02) 6024 9709

LTSA Feed Me Kit – Albury Wodonga ❯

Bendigo Campus

Bendigo Campus have partnered with Bendigo Foodshare to provide food relief and pantry staples for all enrolled Bendigo students experiencing food insecurity. The LTSA Pantry is located at our LTSA office, in the Student Union Building. Our pantry is stocked full of non-perishable items including pasta, rice, canned goods, and snacks. This service is available for walk-ins, and is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (subject to restrictions)

In late July, we launched a new initiative: LTSA Feed Me Kits. These kits provide students with all the essentials including fresh fruit, vegetables, and a range of dried produce. More information on this to come. 

To find out more, contact us on (03) 5444 7354  or email Kylie: LTSA, in conjunction with Bendigo Foodshare and Bendigo Family and Financial Services, is proud to provide this service to students.  

For more information about Bendigo Foodshare, take a look here.

LTSA Feed Me Kit – Bendigo ❯

Shepparton Campus

On the Shepparton campus, we have a range of non perishables, some basic pantry items and frozen food. Availability and range vary from week to week. These items are available during office hours from the LTSA office. This service is provided by Shepparton Foodshare. To find out more about them, click here. For more information about this service, please contact Cindy Senya on  03 5820 8607 or by email or Leah Farnham-Quain (Senior Support Advisor) on 03 5820 8622.

What are the rules of our food relief programme?

Often students who require food relief have other issues that are affecting their ability to access or afford food. At La Trobe Student Association, we have qualified financial counsellors, advocates and lawyers who can help with these issues. For students who require regular food relief, we will recommend they access these services to address the underlying issues that are preventing them from accessing provisions. More information about these services can be found here.

As we have finite resources, we request that students only take what they genuinely need and will use. Each campus has slightly different procedures so it is best to contact us to find out more. We strictly adhere to hygiene and safety protocols and students will be required to provide us with some personal information to access this service. This is strictly confidential and this information will not be shared outside the organisation. 

LTSA acknowledge and thank the organisations who are assisting us to make this service available for our students.