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Why is there an interim Governing Board and no Student Council Representatives?

Our inaugural Governing Board of Directors, all LTU students, were directly appointed in September 2020 to enable the LTSA to be registered as a company with ASIC. The foundation Board whom all had been previously elected by students to their respective positions are Annabelle Romano (elected President La Trobe Student Union 2020), William Griffin (elected Bendigo Student Association President 2020) and Jenna Boyd (elected Wodonga Student Association Secretary 2020). Their appointment has been for an interim period whilst LTSA waited on funding confirmation from LTU. This funding was confirmed in December 2020 and we are now excited to announce and hold our inaugural elections at the earliest opportunity in 2021.

LTSA has been funded and endorsed by LTU as the only student association to provide every enrolled student with access to essential services and support, which include but are not limited to:
  • Advocacy
  • Financial Counselling
  • Legal Services
  • Clubs & Societies Engagement
  • Events & Activities Engagement
  • Student Theatre & Film Engagement
  • International Student Engagement
  • Wellbeing Engagement
  • Student Representation

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Does LTSA have team members to support elected student representatives?

Yes. We have a specialist, experienced and dedicated team located on every campus whose purpose it is to make student life better.


Why does LTSA have a different elected student representative structure?

LTSA is an apolitical student association and our elected student representative structure differs to what has previously existed at LTU. We recommend you read our Constitution to better understand how the LTSA is governed. LTSA CEO, Mitch Trevena welcomes the chance to meet with students who are considering putting themselves forward for LTSA Student Council elections and she may be contacted via email


Do I need to be an LTSA member to nominate for an LTSA Student Council position and get elected?

Yes. As per our Constitution, only LTSA Ltd. company members are eligible to nominate and be elected to a position on one of the seven Student Councils and the LTSA Governing Board of Directors.  Membership is free and it is easy to join. Click here and you shall be able to join via the LTSA website before nominating.


Do I need to be an LTSA member to vote in Student Council elections?

No. As per our Constitution, every enrolled student at LTU has the right to vote in Student Council elections.


Can I only nominate for a position on the campus I am enrolled?

Yes.  Students can only nominate and be elected to a vacancy on the Student Council on the campus where you are enrolled. E.g. if you are enrolled at Mildura, you can only nominate for a position on the Mildura Student Council or if you are a Bundoora student, you can only nominate for a position on the Bundoora Student Council.

The only exception to this is for international students. Every international student is eligible to nominate and be elected to the International Student Council, regardless of which campus you are enrolled at. An international student cannot hold a position on more than one Student Council.


Can I vote for student candidates from other campuses?

No. Students may only vote for candidates going forward for election on the campus where you are enrolled. Only Bendigo students may vote for Bendigo candidates, only City campus students may vote for City campus students for example.


The only exception is that every student may choose vote for candidates on the International Student Council. You do not have to be an international student to vote for an international student candidate. You can only vote once in each election.


How many positions are vacant?

All position at LTSA are vacant as this is our inaugural election. There are seven (7) LTSA Student Council’s:

  1. Bendigo – up to 9 vacancies – only students enrolled at Bendigo can nominate and hold office
  2. Bundoora – up to 16 vacancies (13 with voting rights) – only students enrolled at Bundoora can nominate and hold office
  3. City – up to 9 vacancies – only students enrolled at City can nominate and hold office
  4. International – up to 9 vacancies – only international students can nominate and hold office however you may be enrolled on any of the campuses
  5. Mildura – up to 9 vacancies – only students enrolled at Mildura can nominate and hold office
  6. Shepparton – up to 9 vacancies – only students enrolled at Shepparton can nominate and hold office
  7. Wodonga – up to 9 vacancies – only students enrolled at Wodonga can nominate and hold office

Why are there no positions to nominate and be elected to?

LTSA believes the best Student Council’s (SC) are ones that take full responsibility for their vision, purpose, and performance. LTSA does not vote to tickets, nor do we have “teams” going forward for nomination. We support every student wishing to make a difference to student life at LTU to have equal opportunity to hold an elected student representative position, hence why students nominate and get elected to a General Student Council Representative vacancy on the campus on which you study. By enabling students to form a SC where each has an equal voice to decide their own Executive and key portfolios internally, empowers them to understand their duties as servant leaders and to decide amongst themselves how their SC will provide outstanding student representation to those they have been elected to serve.

What are the required positions on each Student Council?

As per our Constitution, the three (3) Executive positions required on each of the seven SCs are: President, Vice President and General Secretary. Upon each SC being formed, the SC shall vote internally as to whom shall hold the three Executive roles. The SC will also determine which other portfolios they feel are needed to support their student cohorts.  This may vary from campus to campus and may include positions such as: LGBTIQA+, Women’s, First Nations, Student Engagement, Activities, Clubs, Student Causes, Mature Age, Postgrad, Education, Environment, or Graduate Research Students for example.

Why doesn’t LTSA have defined portfolios in Student Councils?

LTSA believes that every student has an equal right to nominate and be elected to a SC position. LTSA strongly encourages diversity and inclusion, actively promoting and supporting students of every persuasion to consider putting their hand up to join one of our SCs. Each campus is unique, each campus has differing needs and each campus cohort has specific demands, hence why we allow each SC to determine what non-Executive SC portfolios are needed for each campus.


Who forms the Governing Board of Directors for LTSA?

Upon the SCs being elected to and the Executive positions being finalised, the Presidents of each SC automatically takes a seat as a Governing Board Director.  This transformational structure signals the first time in the history of LTU student associations where the Governing Board of Directors will be formed with a representative from each campus as well as International.  Each Governing Board Director will have an equal voice and equal vote and shall form a truly University wide student representative Board.


How long are the terms in office?

LTSA strongly encourages, as per our Constitution, that students nominate and hold office on a SC for two-year terms. This provides a SC with a depth and breadth of experience, knowledge, risk mitigation and succession planning for the SC to be the best it can be.  LTSA recognises that not all students can commit to two-year terms and will accept shorter terms of one year. The Executive positions and portfolios outside of general SC positions shall be vacated annually at election time.


What are my obligations if I nominate for a vacancy on one of the seven SCs?

LTSA and LTU students need student representatives who are fully committed to serve those that elect you to office.  We require several compulsory obligations to be met if you wish to put yourself forward for election.  These include:

  • Attendance at a two-day SC induction training
  • Successful completion of external Board Governance online training modules
  • Attendance at all SC meetings (except where an apology is recorded)
  • Attendance at LTSA AGM or any SGM
  • Attendance and helping out at least 60% LTSA events/activities (on campus or online)
  • Maintaining LTSA membership
  • Adhering to all LTSA Policies and Procedures; and
  • Attendance at any LTU Student Leadership Conference

Do I get paid as a LTSA SC Representative or as a Governing Board Director?

There is a very small honoraria allocation to be provided to elected student representatives. Under our SSAF Funding Agreement with LTU, this honoraria allocation cannot exceed $100,000 in total per year.


Is LTSA a member of NUS?

No. LTSA is not a member of NUS.  La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) hold this membership supporting students at Bundoora and City.


When will the next elections be held?

LTSA next elections shall occur in September 2021.  This is the time of year that all annual elections shall be held but we needed to hold the inaugural elections now as per our Constitution, owing to exceptional circumstances to form our inaugural SCs. We shall fall into an annual election schedule come September 2021. Those students elected in the inaugural elections will either continue their term until 31st October 2022 if they nominate for two-years, or their term will cease on 31st October 2021 if they nominate for one year.


What if I have more questions before I nominate?

Please contact CEO Mitch Trevena via email for further information.