Be Supported

Worried about what’s happening with Uni? Or the world?!

Your student advocate is here for you. We will listen, help work out problems, talk with your lecturer, and more. We're available by Zoom, telephone or email.

We provide an independent, student representative voice in University life.

The advocate will support you by:

Hearing what you have to say
Providing information to help you understand options
Empowering you to have a voice
Implementing actions to address your needs
Resolution through communication and action
Systemic change at an institutional level

General support
The advocate can help you work out what you need to get you through challenges in your life, whether that’s at University or home. The advocate can make referrals, talk to people on your behalf, and be there with you.

Academic issues
If in doubt, talk to your advocate!
We can help with all kinds of issues including problems on placement, assessment failure, misconduct allegations, and more.
When should I contact the advocate?
  • If you feel overwhelmed
  • If you don’t know what to do
  • If you want support doing something
  • If you need help with something specific to do with University

What should I expect in a meeting with the advocate?
  • The advocate will ask you to share your experience or concern
  • The advocate will ask you what you want to happen
  • The advocate will provide you with information to help you make decisions
  • The advocate will ensure your privacy and confidentiality are maintained
  • The advocate will be respectful, empathetic and responsive to you and your situation

What should I do in a meeting with the advocate?
  • Be honest
  • Be respectful
  • Be yourself
  • Be open minded