Save the LTSA

A message from LTSA Bendigo Council President, Kieran:

A message from LTSA Wodonga Campus President, Mel:

Join the LTSA ❯

LTSA exists to make student life better for every LTU enrolled student university wide. Your student association is under threat from a minority group of Bundoora students who are part of the political organisation “Change”. They want to shut down LTSA for no other reason than that they are ideologically opposed to it existing and because it is “apolitical”.

If you value all of the free services and support that LTSA is funded by the University to provide, then we need your support now. Join LTSA as a member, register to attend the General Meeting and vote AGAINST the wind-up motion.

LTSA are strong, solvent and dedicated to making student life better.  Help us to keep helping you.

Brody Tanner
Chair – LTSA Governing Board