Championing a Threatened Species

Threatened species are a major focus of conservation efforts across the globe as we continue to drive more species to the brink of extinction with habitat clearing, poor managment of invasive species and climate change. In Australia, our threatened species and ecological communtites need stronger environmental laws to protect them and more serious commintment from our government to ensure their survival, however while we wait around for this to happen, threatened species populations are at risk of further decline due to accidenal clearing, mismanagement, exotic species displacement etc.

So what can we do while we wait? We can champion a threatened species.

Our vision for this project is to form a group members, choose a species to champion and see what we can do to help it!

The actions we take to assist the species will be decided by the group depending on our capacity and might include: increasing the species public profile on social media, surveying for unknown populations and monitoring of known populations, assisting with plantings and reintroductions, working with local councils, DEWLP, Parks Vic who manage the land where the species occur and working with other stakeholders such as friends of groups or field naturalist clubs.

Small Milkwort Comesperma polygaloides - Critically endangered under the FFG Act in Victoria
Photo: Nina Kerr 2020