The Society aims to promote students' learning in botany and plant ecology by expanding on knowledge and skills gained through coursework. We facilitate volunteering opportunities, field trips, workshops and organise citizen science projects under the guidance of the academic staff of La Trobe University. Our events intend to raise awareness of local conservation issues, increase knowledge of the biodiversity of native flora and promote appreciation of its beauty.



Croajingolong National Park is home to a range of diverse floral communities, untouched wilderness zones and a number of rare endemic plant species. Much of the area was extensively burnt in the 2019/20 black summer bushfires. Nearly two years on, the flora of the area is regenerating nicely, a diverse range of floral species have been observed and an impressive wildflower season is to be expected this coming spring. The area contains a rich mixture of species at the extreme of their distributions from NSW and Vic, rare and endangered endemic species and an opportunity to explore a regenerating landscape postfire. The trip will feature a mix of structured days undertaking activities such as weeding, searching for endemic species and much more. There will also be opportunities to relax and explore at your own pace

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990-930 Cape Clear-Rokewood Rd, Illabarook VIC 3351

Please join us in Spring as we walk amongst the Illabarook wildflowers, led by guest Simon Heyes, who is a ex-LTU currently working at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

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