La Trobe Environmental Action Forum (LEAF) is a network of people from many different courses at La Trobe University, Bendigo.

We connect those with a common interest in the environment, social justice, animal rights, indigenous values and all the other things that make you feel GREAT!

LEAF is an avenue to meet new and like minded people and to create connections across campus, through social events.

LEAF's famous on campus open mic night, 'Live 'n Leafy' is held in the SU once or twice a semester. This is a non-alcoholic event with everyone bringing a plate for dinner. All funds raised go to various causes. Come down for an excellent night of music, poetry, dance and good vibes. Look out for posters with dates of our next one!

We meet roughly twice a month over a collective dinner and drinks to meet new people, foster friendships and act on behalf of our cause.

For more information, contact