Are you tired of taking the car?
Bored of sitting in the library all day to study?
Or dying from that food baby who won’t leave you alone?

Well then we’ve got the club for you!

Bendigo Run Association is a club literally for people who love to RUN, walk, crawl, jog, roll, basically any movement that gets your body moving!
We meet every Tuesday morning at 7:30AM and run around parks near the university. You do not have to be good at running, you just have to be willing to come with a smile and to join us whether it be at a sprinting pace or a walking pace. We hold many breakfasts and events with the purpose of building on the friendships within the club.

Our club aims to increase the fitness and mental wellbeing of La Trobe students in the following ways:
• We provide a safe and welcoming environment where students can enjoy walks, jogs and runs.
• We provide advice on healthy eating and fitness through events and breakfast gatherings
• We create a place where students can meet new people and create long lasting friendships

Please check us out on Facebook @“Bendigo Run Association (BRA)” and join our group! See you at run club!