2021 Executive Committee
President: Hao-Qian Leung 
Vice President: Omar Omran 
Secretary: Sarah Ho 
Treasurer: Colin Lau 

2021 General Committee
Sponsorship Officer: Jonathan Tran 
Lunch and Learn Officer: Jamie Yu 
IT Officer: Amy You 
Publications Officer: Anita Ear
Academics and Recreation Officer: Rainbow Yang 
Social Events Officer: William Dai 

Past Committees 

2020 Executive Committee 
President: Peter Ho
Vice President: Angela Huang
Secretary: Kylin Shi
Treasurer: Joanne Ling

2020 General Commitee
Sponsorship Officer: Ellen Tongg
Lunch & Learn Officer: Natalie Yassa
IT Officer: Jonathan Tran
Publications Officer: Colin Lau
Academics and Recreation Officer: Hao-Qian Leung
Social Events Officer: Sarah Ho
Clinical Liaison Officer: Margaret Tran
1st Year Dentistry Representative: Rainbow Yang
1st Year BOH Representative: WanYing Chia
2nd Year Dentistry Representative: Omar Omran
2nd Year BOH Representative: Ali Alnajar
3rd Year Dentistry Representative: Baverino Kannan
3rd Year BOH Representative: Bec Lieschke
4th Year Dentistry Representative: Peter Pham
5th Year Dentistry Representative: Shradha Verma
2019 Executive Committee
President: Margaret Tran
Vice President: Phillip Nguyen
Secretary: Shannon Teh
Treasurer: Lachlan Tieu 

2020 General Commitee
Sponsorship Officer: Saba Khan
Lunch & Learn Officer: Sara Yassa
IT Officer: Kylin Shi 
Publications Officer: Natalie Tsang
Academics and Recreation Officer: Peter Ho
Social Events Officer: Angela Huang
Clinical Liaison Officer: Meghana Reddy
1st Year Dentistry Representative: Hao-Qian Leung
1st Year BOH Representative: Ali Alnajar
2nd Year Dentistry Representative: Furqaan Ahmad
2nd Year BOH Representative: Bec Lieschke
3rd Year Dentistry Representative: Victor Chen
3rd Year BOH Representative: Stylianos Papadopoulos
4th Year Dentistry Representative: CJ and Jason 
5th Year Dentistry Representative: Jesse Liang
2018 Executive Committee:
President: Faiza Kazmi
Vice President: Madara Mapa
Secretary: Ellen Tongg
Treasurer: Sara Qureshi

2018 General Committee:
Sponsorship Officer: Vicky Le
Lunch & Learn Officer: Shannon Teh
IT Officer: Bhanu Shamdasani
Academics and Recreation Officer: Margaret Tran
Social Events Officer: Phillip Nguyen
Clinical Liaison Officer: Thomas Brookes
1st Year Dentistry Representative: Margaret Tran
1st Year BOH Co-representative: Carolin Moushi
1st Year BOH Co-representative: Molly Jones
2nd Year Dentistry Representative: Senote Keriakes
2nd Year BOH Representative: Stylianos Papadopoulos
3rd Year Dentistry Representative: Saba Khan
3rd Year BOH Representative: Cheraline Bell
4th Year Dentistry Representative: Megan Ha
5th Year Dentistry Co-representative: Daniel Maryanovsky

2016 Executive Committee:
President: Caleb Harvie
Vice-President: Claire Lucena
Treasurer: Daniel Maryanovsky
Secretary: Akansha Kumar

2016 General Committee:
Sponsorship Officer: Lakkhana’Lucky’ Rabel
Lunch & Learn Officer: Brandon Lim
Social Events Officer: Sharayu Narkhede
IT Manager & Promotions Officer: Jotham Kotekar
Clinical Liaison Officer: Amy Thompson
Academics and Recreation Officer: Vicky Le
1st Year Dentistry Representative: Sara Qureshi
1st Year BOH Representative: Nazariy Novak
2nd Year Dentistry Representative: Jeffrey Ding
2nd Year BOH Representative: Klare Mattingley
3rd Year Dentistry Representative: Raymond Au
3rd Year BOH Representative: Natalie Martyn
4th Year Dentistry Representative: Sibel Er
5th Year Dentistry Representative: Martin Nguyen

2015 Executive Committee:
President: Neeshah Dahya
Vice-President: Lakkhana Rabel
Treasurer: Joshal Mehta
Secretary: Helen Cheung

2015 General Committee:
Clinical Liaison Officer: Christina Kim
IT Manager & Promotions Officer: Caleb Harvie
Sponsorship Officer: Tori Carter
Lunch & Learn Officer: Celine Soon
Social Events Officer: Claire Lucena
1st Year Dentistry Representative: Sheryl George
1st Year BOH Representative: Klare Mattingley
2nd Year Dentistry Representative: Akansha Kumar
2nd Year BOH Representative: Igor Shkrumelyak
3rd Year Dentistry Representative: Jawad Khan
3rd Year BOH Representative: Kyrrolos Hanna
4th Year Dentistry Representative: Sarah Mueller
5th Year Dentistry Representative: Hannah Milne

2014 Executive Committee:
President: Martin Nguyen
Vice-President: Alice Chen
Secretary: Sam Sheppard
Treasurer: Linda Do

2014 General Committee:
Sponsorship Officer: Joseph Nguyen
IT & Promotions Officer: Jane Lee
Lunch & Learn Officer: Lucky Rabel
Social Events Officer: Andrew Wang
Clinical Liaison Officer: Christina Kim
Mature Age Committee Chair: Mike Mladenovic
3rd Year BOH Rep: Kate O’Loughlin
2nd Year BOH Rep: Rachel Botros
5th Year Dentistry Rep: Brodie Garth
4th Year Dentistry Rep: Claire McCullough
3rd Year Dentistry Rep: Theja Surapaneni
2nd Year Dentistry: Neeshah Dahya
1st Year Dentistry Rep: Celine Soon
2012 Executive Committee
President: Mike Mladenovic
Vice President: David Goubrial
Treasurer: Jessica Ong
Secretary: Emily Pow

2012 General Committee
IT Officer: Abdullah Kanbour
Sponsorship: Christina Kim
Lunch and Learn: Phoebe Lillas
Clinical Liason Officer: Daniel Aig
5th Year Dentistry Rep: Alison Sahar
4th Year Dentistry Rep: Gavin Yang
3rd Year Dentistry Rep: George Abdelmalek
2nd Year Dentistry: Steffi Ngau
3rd Year BOH Rep: Quor Ten Teh
2st Year BOH Rep: Renan Salih

2011 Executive Commitee
President: Andrew Sproll
Vice President: Gavin Yang
Treasurer: Barbara Liu
Secretary: Mary-Ann Liu

2011 General Commitee
Sponsorship Officer: Tiffany Chuo
IT/Promotions Officer: Andrew Do
Lunch and Learn Officer: George Abdelmalek
Year Representatives
4th Year Dentistry: Alison Sahhar
3rd Year Dentistry: Amy Ho
3rd Year Oral Health: TBA
2nd year Dentistry: David Goubrial
2nd Year Oral Health: Quor-Ten The

2010 Executive Committee
President: Alison Sahhar
Vice-President: Kelsey Barker
Treasurer: Sarah Moon
Secretary: Tiffany Chuo

2010 General Committee
Lunch & Learn officer: Andrew Sproll
Promotions officer: Andrew Do
Year level representatives:
2nd year Dentistry: Gavin Yang
3rd year Dentistry: Rachel Sim
3rd year Oral Health: Cathy Huynh

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